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Professor Yo Fangda, Vice President of Tunku Abdul Rahman University visited GZMU
2017-09-15 09:16  

On September 13, Professor Yo Fangda, Vice President of Tunku Abdul Rahman University visited GZMU and attended the conference at No.1 meeting room of administrative building. Vice president Wei Wei attended, and the conference was held by Xie Jingfang, vice director of International cooperation and exchange office.

The site of conference

Vice president Wei Wei warmly welcomed professor Yo Fangda and introduced the history of our university, the situation of schooling and international cooperation. We are looking forward to enhance cultural exchanges between two universities and improve the dimensional development of students themselves, and expand the deepen cooperation.

Vice President Wei Wei delivered a speech

Professor Yo Fangda deeply introduced the history and schooling characteristics of Tunku Abdul Rahman University, he hoped that Rahman University could strengthen communication and cooperation in the area of academics, and research, and improved the development of relative areas.

Vice President Yo Fangda gave a speech

During the conference, the propaganda films of two universities were watched by the participants. Two parts deepened the understanding of the history, schooling conditions, faculty and staff, research achievements and international cooperation. After the discussion, two part sent souvenirs to each other.

Sent souvenirs to each other

After the conference, Professor Yo Fangda visited Yifu Library and spoke highly of our ancient literature collection.

Professor Yo Fangda visited the ancient book repairing room in our university library

Library staff introduced the minority culture exhibition centre


Group photo