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Institutes and Centers of GZMU
2014-12-24 14:56  

The university attaches great importance to scientific research. It-governs 8 research institutes, namely, Guizhou Institute for Minority Cultures and Arts, Guizhou Institute for Minority Sciences, Guizhou Institute for Minority Economy, Southwest China Institute for Yelang Culture, Southwest China Institute for Nuo(Mask) Culture, Institute for Shui Script Culture, Guizhou Institute for Dong Culture, Guizhou Institute for Minority Medicines and Medical Sciences, and Institute for Law.

In addition, 9 provincial minority associations and research centers are affiliated to the university, namely, Guizhou Association of Minority Cultures, Guizhou Association of Miao Studies, Guizhou Association of Buyi Studies, Guizhou Association of Dong Studies, Guizhou Association of Tujia Studies, Guizhu Associtaion of Yi Studies, Guizhou Association of Gelao Studies, Guizhou Association of Shui Studies, and Guizhou Assocaition of Hui Studies.

Every year the university teachers and students preside over or participate in over 100 provincial and ministerial research projects, and publish hundreds of academic papers in journals above the provincial rank and key national journals, of which many are indexed by SCI, EI, and ISTP.