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Key Laboratory of Karst Wetland Ecological Monitoring (authorized by Education Department of Guizhou Provine)
2014-11-26 15:04  

The "Key laboratory of Karst wetland ecological monitoring in Guizhou province department of education is approved by the state council under the framework of the national wetland protection engineering planning, and is a provincial – level scientific research platform.

The "Lab" is mainly engaged in basic and applied basic scientific research of Karst wetland, and it is featured in the following main research directions: (1) karst wetland biodiversity and its support mechanism; (2) karst wetland landscape pattern change and its response mechanism; (3) resource protection and development and utilization of karst area; (4) karst wetland ecological monitoring and ecological recovery technology and evaluation, etc.

"Lab" maximizes the integration of theGuizhou Minzu University, Guizhou University, Institute of geochemistry, Chinese academy of sciences, and Guizhou forestry science research institute to be engaged in the karst environment ecology and wetland ecology resources. Currrently it accommodates 56 professional researchers. Among them, 44 with PhD degrees, 25 master tutors and 11 doctoral supervisors. The research background is from karst wetland ecology and geochemistry, environmental science and engineering, microbiology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical, to environmental chemistry. At the same time, the Lab has hired well-known experts both domestically and from abroad including the university of Alberta in Canada, Beijing university, Chinese academy of forestry science, Zhejiang university, Wuhan university, northeast forestry university, etc.

Liu Shirong, vice President of the Chinese academy of forestry researchers, is director of the academic committee of the laboratory, and professor Wang Fengyou is the vice director. The "Lab" has set up "karst wetland environmental biological laboratory, karst wetland landscape laboratory, karst region characteristic protection and development and utilization of laboratory resources, and ecological restoration, wetland ecological environment monitoring laboratory", etc.

The existing experimental platform and technical support mainly include: (a) based on "education department in Guizhou karst wetland ecological monitoring characteristic key laboratory", "state ethnic minority medicine resource utilization and development of key laboratory", environmental science and engineering laboratory system. A perfect experimental technology support system has been established (existing experiment has a total area of about 6000 m2, equipment total value of about 25 million yuan, professional and technical personnel including 15 people); (b) about 1000 m2 plastic greenhouse experiment systems were established in guizhou university for nationalities area; (c) three wetland monitoring stations have been established in the northwest national urban wetland park, grass sea wetland national nature reserve, etc.

The lab has made significant achievements in the scientific research area. Over the last five years it has undertaken over 150 projects of karst wetland research related to the national natural science fund, ministry of science and technology, ministry of education, the state ethnic affairs, the governor of Guizhou province fund and Guizhou province department.

"Lab" has always been paying attention to domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, with the university of Alberta in Canada, Beijing university, and Chinese academy of forestry, Zhejiang university, Wuhan university, northeast forestry university, maintaining a long-term research cooperation. The "Lab" has joined the "green partner (wetland) of China and the United States", and "the world wide fund for nature (WWF)", "international (WI) of wetland" and organized a series of fruitful research collaborations projects.

During 2014-2018, the "lab" will be based on a national ecological construction strategy and the local major demand, further to build up the "lab" national demonstration platform, Karst wetland research in the southwest karst environmental ecology and wetland ecology of a high-level personnel training base, which to build "lab" into the domestic and foreign research platform, making an important contribution to the development of science.